Minute Burger Store Opening

Going South: Minute Burger opens another store in the Quezon Province

The saying “going south” is typically used to mean that things are heading in the wrong direction. This time around, Minute Burger is going south, and we are extremely delighted with the situation that we have gotten ourselves into.

Made popular because of rich heritage sites and tourist destinations in key cities in the south, CALABARZON has also continually attracted investors who are going after the region’s largely untapped markets. The potential of the cities located in this Southern area has inspired our recruitment team to expand more aggressively and actively pursue franchisees who are acquainted with the geographical and economical potential of Southern Luzon.

Last July, our goal of reaching more locations in the South was realized through the welcoming of new franchisee, Ms Celeste Sabaybay. Ms. Sabaybay opened her first Minute Burger store in Lucena, the bustling capital of the Quezon province. Minute Burger’s market-winning formula of serving affordable and delicious Buy 1 Take 1 was an instant crowd-pleaser. Within days of its grand opening, MB Lucena had exceeded every expectation of sales and customer feedback.

The opening of MB Lucena in Quezon marked only the beginning of our continued expansion efforts in CALABARZON. The brand’s strengthening reputation for affordable, quality Buy 1 Take 1 products, combined with dedicated and capable franchisees like Ms. Sabaybay, will surely embolden our expansion efforts in the Quezon Province and beyond.

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