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How Minute Burger is winning the war with franchisee support

Minute Burger takes franchisee support very seriously. In 2011, the commitment to providing our Franchisee the support they need to set-up and continue their business was recognized, and Minute Burger won Entrepreneur Magazine’s prestigious Best in Franchise Support award. That recognition inspired us even more to adopt a system that would effectively bridge communications between franchisees and back-end support employees.

In light of today’s fast-paced technology, our team saw that our current paper methods were no longer enough in keeping our franchisees in the loop. We wanted to create a private gateway for franchisees to offer constructive feedback how the business could move forward and convincingly overpower franchises with almost the same model that we have.

Minute Burger prides itself for having a solid strategy on franchise support. Find out how we’re silently leading and winning the battle:We have a dedicated franchisee careInvesting in franchisee relationships entails serious dedication and service. In early 2012, we introduced an online tool that our franchisees can use to inform a relevant department about issues that need action in a matter of hours or days. Called the Minute Burger Franchisee Care, our goal was to understand what hurdles are our franchisees facing and bring those information to our decision-makers.

Essentially, our support is very collective in nature: solutions are drawn from feedback from a rich network of franchisees all contributing to improve our current processes. Our franchisee care was embraced to empower franchisees and allow them to take control of their stores through efficient and structured back-end support.Paperless initiativesThere are two things we at Minute Burger care for incredibly: that would be our Franchisees and our environment. We love keeping our franchisees updated through memos and announcements, but keeping everyone in the loop and informed about new products, marketing programs, and important milestones can be incredibly taxing on our environment, if they’re all done through paper methods.

To keep announcements protected and private between franchisees only, we decided early on to go paperless and invest in online methods for communicating with our vast franchisee network. Today, information is conveniently and readily accessed by franchisees with a click of button, and our advocacy to care for our environment through a paperless advocacy is consistently practiced.Franchise councils to keep everyone alignedIn addition to our online support, we believe that the best way to maintain and improve our relationships with our franchisees is still through face-to-face meetings. Our support is greatly felt offline through regular meetings with our franchisees to discuss everything from their monthly performance reviews to changes affecting the food & beverage industry. It’s also our special way to keep every franchisee educated, equipped, and ready for the next challenge ahead.

Interested in learning more about our franchisee support? Visit our Contact Us page. Let us help you start an awesome journey in the world of franchising.