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For over 30 years, our stores have been serving customers with delicious and affordable products. Since 2003, Minute Burger has been a recognizable, stable and profitable franchise business for many of our franchisees. Our greatest strengths as a franchise are our Brand, our System and our Franchisor Support.

Customers enjoy Minute Burger
Customers enjoy Minute Burger
Customers enjoy Minute Burger
Customers enjoy Minute Burger
Customers enjoy Minute Burger
Customers enjoy Minute Burger

“Getting a Minute Burger franchise gives you a clear advantage in the business field because of the strong, reputable brand image that the company has maintained in the country over the years.”

A. Apostol, Franchisee Since 2010

Minute Burger as a brand is more than just the logo. For the last 30 years, we’ve stood by our belief of always providing our customers with affordable and quality products, which are served in clean and well-made stores. Our innovation is spearheaded by our product development teams and engineering teams who make sure that our products and our stores are always updated and ahead of the curve.

Minute Burger Products

At Minute Burger, we take quality very seriously. It is not easy to produce quality products at affordable prices but we work hard to make it happen. We manufacture all our products ourselves in state-of-the-art commissaries and we ensure that all the ingredients used in our products are NMIS-certified and BFAD-approved.
We have products that have been a hit for many years but we don’t stop there. As a brand, and as an organization, we are committed to constant product development and improvement.

Minute Burger Store

Since 1982, we have changed our standard store to adapt to the market’s current trends. Today, our updated standards for the storefront look reflects our commitment to stay relevant and ahead in today’s constantly changing, competitive environment. A dedicated team of experts visits each of our Franchisee’s stores almost weekly, to enforce and maintain our standards throughout our network.

Minute Burger Favorites
Value Sandwiches

Our value sandwiches have been our bestsellers for many years. These value staples are favorites of many of our loyal customers.

Minute Burger Products
Minute Burger Products
Premium Sandwiches

For our customers with premium tastes, we developed our premium sandwich line.

Thirst-Quenching Beverages

Our beverage line complements our sandwiches but they’re great on their own too! 

Minute Burger Products
Minute Burger Products

Our affordable sandwiches are perfect for sharing with one, three or three hundred. It’s perfect for barkada nights, family gatherings, office parties and fiestas.


We built simplicity and efficiency into our ordering and delivery system. We have a dedicated team of highly qualified manufacturing, quality and logistics personnel who take care of producing and delivering our products to your store so that you don’t have to. Our nationwide delivery system has commissaries and warehouses strategically located across the country. It allows us to deliver patties and freshly baked bread to our stores three times a week. Near-daily deliveries to our franchisee’s stores allows them to carry only the freshest products to serve to our customers.

We're firm believers in technology and automation and we’ve integrated this into every step of the process. It’s this effective mix of team and technology that allows us to deliver stocks to our network within 12 to 16 hours of placing the orders (if the order is placed within the ordering window).

“I'm glad that the full support of the company to me as a franchisee has been consistent all the way, from the time I opened my very first store till up to this day.  The company & I have maintained a very good & fruitful business partnership over the years.”

- A. Apostol, Franchisee since 2010

We take pride in the support we provide our Franchisees. We recognize that our franchisees need good support to be able to grow with us. Over the years, Franchisee Support has become one of our franchise system’s strongest points. Our network of over 180 Franchisees is supported by regional teams who are available to support our franchisees in person and online.

Minute Burger Online Support

Our online support system allows for franchisees to reach out to our support organization from the comforts of their own stores, on the road, or from their own home. Our Franchise Care Helpdesk is our online venue for questions to be answered by topic experts.

We also regularly publish white papers, informative articles, and monthly newsletters as part of our commitment to helping our franchisees improve their business. 

Minute Burger Offline Support

As business partners in a multi-unit franchise system, our franchisees manage the operations of their stores. Our Area Managers are there to provide guidance in growing our franchisees’ store network. Our teams are also dedicated to providing as much mentoring as they can, so that our franchisees are able to make the important business decisions they need to improve their stores’ performances.

Our Offline Support includes:

Services - Site Evaluation
Site Evaluation
Services - Crew Training
Crew Training
Services - Standards
Standards Experts
Services - Delivery
Logistics & Delivery

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